Code Black
Dress Code
Code Black has a strict leather dress code.
These dress standards are designed to ensure we create a party that remains true to likeminded-men within the leather scene.
Please respect that Code Black is a leather party and not a latex, underwear nor circuit party.
Ticket holders are required to be wearing at least one major item of leather. This includes leather jeans, pants, breeches, chaps, shorts, kilt, shirt, vest, harness, singlet or apron.
Leather jocks, jockstraps, braces, sam-browns, armbands, wristbands, collars, caps, hats, pup-hoods and boots are acceptable only when worn with a major item of leather.
Blue denim is not acceptable unless worn underneath leather chaps. Black jeans may be worn so long as it is with at least one major item of leather.
Fabric jocks and jockstraps, street wear, fashion and designer leather and military/camo clothing is not an appropriate dress standard and will not be considered for entry.
Your purchase of this ticket is an acceptance of these dress code standards. Anyone not in acceptable or appropriate gear will be denied entry.
Management reserves the right to refuse entry and provide a full refund.
If you have any doubts or questions, please contact Mannhaus on 03 9416 4800 for clarification.
We hope that you enjoy the party !
Mannhaus Laird Hotel